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Welcome to the Oz Herbal Incense Shop!

Are you after a product that will transport you into another dimension and alter your mind? This is possible with our intense herbal incense range. Made from rich blends of the finest herbs, with a potent variety of intense fragrances, our incense is fast acting and long lasting for maximum effect, perfect for unwinding from daily stress. With a variety of exotic scents, you’ll find one to spice up your life. The potent aromas released from burning the incense awaken the senses, creating a long lasting and influential experience that will not disappoint. Effects most commonly related to use of this product include a sense of wellbeing, mild perception alteration, and a state of pleasant passiveness. Invite your friends over for a scent session with our herbal incense, which is bound to elevate and expand your minds!

Intended for Aromatherapy Purposes. Not for Human Consumption. Incense IS NOT Smokable Herbs