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Sin Rewards


Are you a member of SIN yet?


If not, would you like to be part of SIN Rewards and have VIP access to instant rewards online and in stores Australia wide?


Sign-up online at our SIN Rewards website or in-stores at one of our participating retailers. You’ll be able to unlock a world of SIN with instant rewards across the adult industry!


By now, you’re probably thinking… Why should I join? What’s the catch? Well there isn’t one really. Its instant and it’s 100% free to join! And no, we won’t sting you later down the track with any fee’s!


For too long now, the ‘big companies’ have made it their mission to keep us out of ‘their world.’ SIN Rewards is here to create our own world and welcome everyone in the adult industry to jump on board with us as well!


We want you to enjoy the benefits from all our friends in the world of SIN!